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Your guide to understanding no deposit promotions


Gambling has changed in recent years, thanks in large part to the digital gambling revolution. The introduction of digital gambling means that there are no more casino “comps” floating around these days, with such being made a relic of the past. What “comps” have been replaced with is online exclusive offers. The size and quality of these offers varies between casinos, as some casino online sites will deliver incredible promotions that you simply need to be taking advantage of. Given how popular online casino sites have become, in particular the no deposit online casino, you can find a range of different bonuses online in 2017.


The most basic and common casino bonus is the no deposit casino bonus. When  in need of a new no deposit casino, visit Slotssons.com, as they have a huge list of available offers at UK casinos. Unfortunately, these no deposit bingo and no deposit casino bonus offers can be a little difficult to understand. So, as a nice gesture on our part, we decided to write a guide on them to give you a deeper understanding of what you can expect to get out of a casino online bonus when it falls your way.

What a no deposit casino will mostly offer is cold hard cash, but it would be wrong to assume that the casino will just hand over money willy-nilly. The money is a variety of “casino cash” that is only useable in the casino. You need to meet wagering requirements before you can withdraw the money and, until then, you can only spend the money on certain casino games. If you’re lucky enough to win some money, you could have to wage a major battle with the casino to get the money too.

There are several different variations of the no deposit bonus around, but the sticky bonus is the one that gamblers tend to love most. A sticky no deposit bonus is when the money can’t even be cashed out and is strictly for gambling. So, if the casino gave you a sticky bonus of £50 you need to make the most out of the money that you can. There are often time restrictions attached to these sticky no deposit bonus offers. Some casinos also offer a different kind of sticky bonus where some of the money is only a sticky bonus, while some of it can eventually be cashed out. If there’s still money in your pot when the limitations are over then you’re able to withdraw anything left. These are easily the best no deposit bonus that you can find, as they really do represent an open book as far as gambling is concerned.


Moving away from the no deposit cash offers, players will also encounter free spins no deposit deals that are ideal for slot machine lovers. These free spins are a great premise that allows players to enjoy their favourite slot machines without having to spend a single penny. The amount of free spins players receive is usually between 10 and 300. Obviously, you should always read through the terms and conditions to understand more about a no deposit free spins bonus. Unfortunately some casino online sites create no deposit bonus offers and no deposit free spins that are simply impossible to work with. Then there are casinos that offer generous bonus offers that give you the chance to make real money. Always read usage requirements, even if the promotion is a free spins bonus deal.

The right no deposit bonus will give you the chance to make some serious money to leave your bank account healthier than ever. Personally, I love no deposit casino bonuses, and Slotspool provides good lists of UK casinos that offer these types of promotions. These bonuses have changed the way that gambling works and are giving players more power than ever before. Compare the different no deposit bonus offers around, find and choose the right deal, and you’ll be well on your way to hours upon hours of cost free fun!